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Author Evan Angler
Illustrator Unknown
Published on May 7, 2013
Published by Thomas Nelson
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Dust in Field
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Storm is the third book in the Swipe series.


The Markless have risen up to protest their treatment at the hands of the Global Union, but their position may be more uncertain than ever. A permadrought created by General Lamson threatens their ability to survive, IMPS patrol the streets of Beacon City, and DOME continues hunting the Dust. The Dust’s three most wanted members—Peck, Logan, and Erin—have fled west to Sierra City with Hailey Phoenix, hoping to avoid arrest. They face a more immediate danger than DOME, however. Erin has fallen ill with Project Trumpet, the virus that the Marked are supposed to be vaccinated against. Her fever is rising, and, unless she receives medical intervention, she will die. Erin’s last hope is Dr. Rhyne, creator of the virus, who lives in Sierra City. If they can enlist the doctor’s help, perhaps Erin has a chance at survival.

Lily Langly, Logan's sister, now a high-ranking military officer, has a different set of concerns. Thrust into a  conflict between Chancellor Cylis and General Lamson, she has to somehow satisfy both men while reworking the plans that were ruined by the Acheron prison break-in. Her best chance at fulfilling her goals may be her brother Logan. But, with her previous betrayal, will Logan—not to mention Peck—consider trusting her again?

The permadrought, Project Trumpet, the conflict between Lamson and Cylis…somehow they are all connected. Will the Dust figure out what is really going on in the new Global Union? And if they do, will it be too late? Lamson will stop at nothing, even provoking terrorism, to reach his aims. Cylis is just as desperate. And, as for Lily Langly, she is not sharing her full intentions with anyone. Not even her brother.

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Book TrailerEdit

STORM by Evan Angler - Book Trailer

STORM by Evan Angler - Book Trailer


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