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Author Evan Angler
Illustrator Unknown
Published on September 4, 2012
Published by Thomas Nelson
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Swipe Storm
Sneak is the second book in the Swipe series.


Until Logan Langly, no one had ever flunked a Pledge and gotten away with it. Having made history, however, does not seem to be working in Logan’s favor. DOME, of course, is furious, and it has been attempting to track him ever since. But since its method of “tracking” Logan often looks more like unnecessarily arresting innocent Markless, some of the Markless are nearly as angry as DOME. Logan took extreme risks, endangered everyone, and so far has yet to see any results aside from DOME’s street cleanings. But no matter what others think of him, Logan remains determined to find his sister. DOME sent Lily to a prison called Acheron in Beacon City, and Logan intends to continue looking for her until he either succeeds or is arrested himself.

Daniel Peck risked everything to protect Logan, only to have Logan put him and the Dust in more danger than ever. But, unlike the Dust, Peck is not angry. He wants to find Lily as badly as Logan does, and he believes that Logan may have found the information that he spent five years longing to know. Logan, however, seems to have disappeared. Peck hopes that Hailey Phoenix may be able to reunite Logan with the Dust. But DOME is hunting the Dust as well, and a reunion with Logan might destroy them all. Even if Peck and Hailey manage to reach Logan without bringing DOME with him, Peck faces another problem. The Dust have been his friends for years, but helping Pledges is one thing, and risking their lives to find Lily Langly is quite another. Convincing them to join the nearly hopeless quest to save the sister of someone they distrust may prove beyond even Peck’s abilities.

Meanwhile, Erin Arbitor feels as lonely as Logan. He had been her only real friend at Spokie Middle School, and Erin vows that she will find him again somehow. Believing that Logan was deceived by Peck, Erin hopes that her father, DOME agent Charles Arbitor, will find Logan and make everything all right again. Will Erin ever understand the real reasons that Logan chose Marklessness? In the past, Erin’s hacking skills have made her the Dust’s greatest enemy. If Erin chooses to ally herself with the Dust, however, she may prove to be the greatest enemy DOME has ever faced. And, if the past has proved nothing else, once Erin unleashes her master plan, nothing will ever be the same.



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SNEAK by Evan Angler - Book Trailer

SNEAK by Evan Angler - Book Trailer

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