Vital statistics
Position Butler
Age Adult
Status Markless
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
George is a Markless man who works as the butler for Dane's parents. He was the one adult in the Harold household that Dane felt he could trust.


When the Marking program came to Spokie, George declined to Pledge. Unlike most other Markless, however, George did not end up on Slog Row. Instead, George formed an agreement with Dane's parents. They wanted a butler, and George needed a job that did not require a Mark. The Harolds "hired" George with the promise to "pay" him for his work by providing him with food, clothing, and a place to live.


"You like living in a room to the side of a house that's not yours? You like calling my two rotten parents 'master'? Calling me 'master'? Being compensated in table scraps?"
"There are things more important than material wealth, Master Dane."

—Dane and George

Late one evening, George calls into Dane's den to suggest that he go to bed, since his parents are both asleep. Dane unexpectedly asks George to come in and then questions him about his reasons for staying with the Harolds. Dane finds his parents' snobbiness irritating, so he cannot imagine how George tolerates it. He wonders why George doesn't simply get the Mark and leave. George pulls a pendant, suspended on a necklace, from beneath his clothes and shows it to Dane in answer.

George is also the one who answers the door when Logan comes to warn Dane of the Dust's plans to kidnap him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As part of his duties as butler, George wears a formal suit.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

George does not have a very close relationship with any member of the Harold family due to the snobbiness of Dane's parents. Dane trusts him, however, because George, unlike Dane's parents, is not pretentious. His fundamental decency, in contrast with the ostentatiousness of the Old District, may have been one of the forming influences that led Dane to choose Marklessness himself.


"George, the Not-Strictly-Legal Live-In Markless Butler"